Thursday, July 30, 2020

Lirik Camlann - The Forgotten Lost Fragments

Lyrics for 'The Forgotten Lost Fragments' by Camlann

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"The Forgotten Lost Fragments", is Camlann’s debut album that invites you to see the bittersweet reality of the world we’re living in. A fictional story that tells you about pain, darkness, love, light, and death, all wrapped into a dark and melancholic 10 tracks album that has a strong religious splash in it.

The album tells you the story of a young man called Father Johannes Bianchi from the perspective of a woman who considers Bianchi as a big part of her youth.
Bianchi has always wanted to be a Catholic priest from a young age. As life goes on, life dragged and shook him very hard with all the problems and trials. Bianchi experienced falling in love and heartbreak, a prolonged dilemma, illness, and so on. Unfortunately, a few years after Bianchi became a Catholic Priest at the Vatican, he died.

Decades after the woman moved on from her youth and lived in Los Angeles, she remembered her youth in her death bed. The bittersweet of her youth with Bianchi, the lost and forgotten memories that had become forgotten fragments in her mind. by Camlann

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