Friday, July 3, 2020

Lirik Hegemony Of God - Despicable War

Lyrics for 'Despicable War' by Hegemony Of God

As dumb to say And reculant to palpate
The heart has hardened
Devour each order wild moan
Smile in fazar
Slander each other in time’s twilight
And the question mark the end of story
The classic stories breather without light
The remember…all wonderful memories…stringing stories…the story for the soul.
Spit different hand held mutual to trust,cross the strom knit the story together.
Line human…non biological…two different soul…one soul directional.
Caves every bitter and time
Who disires waste…waste and wind.
Bereeze anchored…shakable harmony…broken trust…like unbelieveble.
Afrodit chose and god blassed the elected,angle dont break,received without wish!!!
Trying like a knight gracefully…why you must kill him.
Listen what you started determind final last second…there is no reason to kill him ?
War character without weapon,present a gapping wound in advance,blashpemy loser behind the face,close eye’s shame the light,polluting mutual streng then colonial,hate in a personal capacity,the could war was the solution,not a solution,skip the solution,spit the solution,destroy fucking solution.
I’m the witheness to your beautiful story.
And i’m a victim because your invation.
Wrench is the story of you back in the past
Present emotion was wound
Starting by the word of brother
Dont end by the civil war word

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