Monday, July 20, 2020

Lirik The Bajahitam - Monster

Lyrics for 'Monster' by The Bajahitam

Don't take your gun
"It's gonna useless" i said

He crawls like a shadow through your head
He burns like he did it to my eyes
He dances in the darkest side of mind
I'll tell u what he can do

One, two, now he's going back for you
Three, four, then he'll going ask for more
Five, six, so he'll let you eat the trick
Oh god, what I can do?

Eat you alive
"You're gonna believe what i say"

She said that "you're to obsessed with him"
But I saw him walking out that door
Let's run away and leave this town
I'm sick of it and all

I don't want to go home now
You're getting high and high and fall
I see the jealous lover
I see the jealous man

Pull your self together
Can you see the blood
Promise me to never
Say his name

Monster, monster
I don't want to be alive
If you can't give me what i want
Just let me sleep tonight

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