Sunday, September 6, 2020

Lirik BITZMIKA - Dilly Dally

Lyrics for 'Dilly Dally' by BITZMIKA 

no time for crime lets get it on with the ryhmes
and hit it loud for 2 times, come on
no time to taunt yu better up from your bed dont ever think to go back, hit the street light screaming like those bassline just let me give a move to shine and it will going
through your mind
if you going dilly dally,i will break you pretty badly u can choose between kelly or muhamad ali
here a moo there a moo, what will little benny do?going back or you can bring your pretty damn ass go,
dont stop,wake up, until the lights up, go to the top just bring yourself-----into a brightlight
doesnt matter what you wearing for your daily is it sperry or you going with your carry
here a quick tip it is quicker than chick hiks this so easy i know u can hear me
do what u love is all about your ego, just put it down, and see how far u can go, u can be a crow or flying like monroe
just wanna tell u to keep going and dont ever think to stop

hit the storm like your mom hit your morning
if live was easy a lot people be livin
take a volley than u can make difference
you heard wali pergi pagi pulang pagi

si tu veux savoir ecoutez s’il te plaĆ®t
dont follow the guide you going no where
you want to doit, so please do it now
without further a due so please you lead the way

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