Sunday, September 6, 2020

Lirik Gascoigne - Figurative Painting

Lyrics for 'Figurative Painting' by Gascoigne

And so the tire screech beneath your feet
Down to the ocean where I belong
And down to the city of the past
Tethering her cracks of dawn on your phone

Inside the crowd you twirl my hand
A strange kind of feeling I'll never forget
And sound of chuckles you hastily made
Go tell your mother, I won't refrain

As hesitation ends, we got to feel
And my inside falling downward through my speech
And my hands
Slowly trembles as I'm reaching for a word

The present can be playful if we try
Binge a complete season and then we can die
Remembering the father figure I've been
Living the moment when I became

Hugging this corner where the cars came by
And sing like you were mine
And all of these boxes of records you owned
Are gaining dust, as you go deeper into films

A momentary lapse, I hate you so
Heard you talking but my thoughts have come to a close
And your face, finding reasons to excuse these mess I've made
Bet your mother want to hear the rest

Compassion never was my strongest suit
But if a TV guide you need I'll be there soon
And when the urge come knocking round your porch
My digits are aligned, so give me a call

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