Sunday, September 6, 2020

Lirik Gascoigne - Liberal Prospects

Lyrics for 'Liberal Prospects' by Gascoigne

I give no guidance in between
Stick your jelly brain to drive
Bang it together it won’t hurt
And there’s no point of telling me
That I lack substance to my flair
I’ve seen enough to flip your asses to the spire

I’d like to feel at home sometimes
Kiss the table till it shine, form a circle and let’s dine
Whet the ink and burn the scrolls
We’re gonna write our own connection to this farce

Simmer down, let It dry
And cleanse your aching body with these sounds
And see who we are, now the city comes alive

And oooh, would you bleed yourself into
tainted reflection coaxed beneath a merry poltergeist?
Bring me down, I’ll do my part again
Play that Wagner shit, the bunny here somewhere

Grazed out but I’ve come back with heart
Have you seen multiple times what these things can do to us
Eleven hundred times or so we tried

I don’t know what else to say
I can see their lord conductor
standing proudly in the rain
Load your blunderbuss
And take that final sip on my command
I might need another barrel to survive
So let us show them what it means to..

Be, a little reckless in our means
But it’s enough to kill two birds without a single stone
Bring me down, I’ll sing this part again
This is the hour that will echo through the age

Oooh, you want life of servitude?
Didn’t I free you from the shackles that controls?
Hear me out this is my final law
I’ll be the next red giant that you slay
With meaner streak and better face
A cycle flow well beyond our days

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