Sunday, September 6, 2020

Lirik Gascoigne - Paint It Over

Lyrics for 'Paint It Over' by Gascoigne

It’s in the way of how they chart your favorite spot
Without the need to ask
It seemed so easy to pretend that we’re alright
Until those words came whispering
Watch that viral meter grow, with tiki torches we would glow
Imposing gestures you would see on everything we does
We will waste no time

They spoke of logic that derived from up above
about our rightful place
How it eases all uncertainties in life
A final word of judgment
Learn this passage with your heart
Be a relay to the cause
No matter how much you would learn
This is the only one you'll need
Paint it over with some flair
And pass it on to every next of kin
With orders that will stand the test of time

The soul we had remained untested
It is as pure as it was
But the mind is prone to misdirection
It takes a single torch to fire up these lies
And now we ended up with nothing much to love
Beside ourselves and ruling power we can't have

And I’m supposed to found God since I born
In honesty, it’s not as crazy as it sounds
Hereditary flag I never chose to bear
Became heavier with every page I read
And in these days it’s getting harder to be
To plant my feet on both sides
Another war they love to certify

I once saw it in a dream,
a vision they would happily misunderstand
I’d love to show them if I could
A certain urge remained the same
I've long to tell despite the love they always gave
Yet I refrain
I want to feel alive, to feel enlightened deep inside
Where should I find the strength
To finally say I want no part in their parade

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