Saturday, May 29, 2021

Lirik Amukredam - The Mighty Don't Kneel

Lyrics for 'The Mighty Don't Kneel' by Amukredam 

Part 1

Love // Hope // Lost // Repeat
Lust // Hope // Lost // Repeat

It's just a matter of time till your feet
slipped up and fucked your life up

Love // Hope // Lost // Repeat
Lust // Hope // Lost // Repeat

Everyone got a plan until they got hit in the face

Everything that we once were
Is now nothing but a smoking husk. Of. Forgotten. Dreams.
You could've stayed but you just can't make it comfortable

So let's just stop
Because everything is not okay

Love // Hope // Lost // Repeat
Lust // Hope // Lost // Repeat

Part 2

We can always say we didn't know any better
Act like we figure it all out to comfortably go further

Running on a land mine
Dancing on a quicksand
Keep saying it's fine
And it's part of being a man

Controlling the steps is not a priority
We don't stop until the line gets blurry
Indeed it doesn't make sense
Because we never thought of any consequences

I left it... wide open
For us to see. For us to see.
Everytime. We're thinking of.
Going down that road again

It's safe to say
We're trying
To hit it with...
This shaky aim

So what you believe?
Who's laughing now?
There's nothing left to blame

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