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Lirik Coming Right Up - Blunt

Lyrics for 'Blunt' by Coming Right Up 

The more i run the more i fall behind
Knife that scratched my hand was blunt i told you fine
Searching for something more
Could've done more
The past collapse to me and hit me on the floor

Cars passed by to say goodbye
I wish i could cut my self in two
Is it too good to be true?

Miles and miles there is no finish line
Sweat dripping heavily to fuel those engines
Competition, repetition, and confusion

I want to bargain
I have to explain
I’am questioning
Who's gonna take this pain

Do you see what i see?
The world is spinning free
Do you feel what i feel?
The weight we carry

Because i thought it was right
The end line is shining bright
But it's just another night
We agree with the conclusion
This room contains poison
We're drowning into delusions

I want to bargain
I have to explain
I’am questioning
Who's gonna take this pain away

If our life was a mistake
Why are we wide awake
If failure gives me lessons
Why am i losing direction?

Let me know, i hope you know

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