Sunday, July 31, 2022

Lirik DESPISE - "Wounds"

Lyrics for 'Wounds' by DESPISE  

As i wake, the battle in my eyes come
And its burn never felt like fucking home
Despair, I'm more than a rage
no control in my veins, it will cause a damage

Born to fight!
I will find a way out of this pain
choose your side!
this wound will always leave a stain
Ive been waiting so long, you can see it in my damn eyes
ignite all the fires within me, I have devoured all these fucking lies. DEAD

My body bruised stretched stiff with several punctures in the back, always leaving scars
on the edge, holding the dagger
waiting for the hope that has bloomed

I'm sure this won't kill me
even if to believe in none, always end with a doomed

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