Sunday, August 7, 2022

Lirik RULLS - The Destiny We Believe In

Lyrics for 'The Destiny We Believe In' by RULLS 

Are you sure about your decision?
Are you sure about your vision?
It will make you rise or fall
You're getting sick of it all

Just try to live with deftness
Like a hare was forced to lose by a tortoise
However hard it will be
That's just the way it has to be

We know that life is a mystery
Believe in something just to keep you save
We know that life is a mystery
So brace yourself to faces the waves

No one makes it through this shit unharmed
They came out of here bleeding
Their blood close to warm
They need something to believe in

We know that we will get hurt, but we keep it up
We try our best, we don’t want to rest, even though it will be messed up
Let’s forget the tears & forget the fears, there is no point
The only one we always sing is “the destiny we believe in”

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